Up Next (Better Make Room)

AI Facebook Chatbot

Find this chatbot on the Better Make Room Facebook page. Click “Send Message” or message Better Make Room usung Facebook Messenger. This does not require you or your student to enroll in or send any personal information to participate!

Try it at https://www.facebook.com/BetterMakeRoom/, and ask it your questions about college!

Up Next
FREE, evidence-based texting tool that offers personalized support on all things related to college access and completion--college search and application, federal student aid, even student loan repayment--all through texting. It's quick and easy to enroll and costs you and your students nothing. Reach Higher's Better Make Room won't spam users with unnecessary messages or ads; they only share the most important reminders to keep students and parents on track to college.
UpNext “Day of Action” and will be sending out their first texts to students later today. Enroll in Up Next - the call to action is simple, all you have to do is let your students know about this opportunity!
  • High school seniors can enroll by texting their FIRST and LAST NAME to this phone number: (240) 623-8319.
  • Current college students can enroll by texting their FIRST and LAST NAME to this phone number: (240) 623-2789.
Check out the impact this tool is already having on FAFSA completion, college enrollment and persistence HERE!